Live Streaming Options for PR

When live-streaming first entered our Internet, it was a tool for individuals’ personal use. Today, live-streaming is a very different tool. Think about introducing a new product via live-streaming to an audience that can even ask questions, versus pictures and text. There are a few well-known live-streaming tools that marketers can use, and choosing the right one for your needs will require that you understand the details of each option.

How Live-Streaming Fits into a Marketing Strategy

Q & A’s
If you use a tool with a built-in conversation feature, your audience can ask questions about your company, your brand, products and such. If you have other experts to bring in, they can also answer questions.Continue Reading..


[reminder] Please, Syndicate It All

Lately, I feel compelled to write the shortest blog ever.

Gone are the days of single result from single effort.  Also, gone are the days of ramping up.

Two incomplete sentences:  Be smart.  Syndicate it.