Just Sayin’ (RSA time, again)

Just Sayin’ as we Ramp Up to RSA

If you are like me, I wake each morning and review my flurry of emails and make multiple cups of the strongest coffee I can (albeit, I go the #DeathWishCoffee route), but security media are waking to literally hundreds, if not thousands of RSA emails.

Just sayin’ that there might be a few simple tips as we start each day with RSA media in mind:

  1. Make your email individual and personalized (or DM them through Twitter)

  2. Check what they wrote about in the past 24-48 hours (if nothing, perhaps review what they Tweet’ed or Posted)

  3. Make your point in the first 1-2 sentences (aim for above-the-fold)

  4. Have what you are offering available – (timing/calendars, final collateral, and even locations to meet)

  5. Get reservations at off-site locations early (which actually applies more to point #4 above)

RSA isn’t speed dating – build that relationship, and most important, keep it going well past RSA.


What Content is Easiest for Leads in 2019?

The frequency of how often communications teams change the need to measure results occurs about as quickly as my iPhone requests software updates—one day, it’s the web traffic, the next day, it’s visitor engagement, then it’s the open rate, and so on, and so on.

What remains the same is that communications teams are responsible for reporting on marketing qualified leads and marketing-assisted sales through content efforts. Providing your prospects with relevant, useful, timely, and valuable information is an extremely effective way to establish credibility as a brand and build trust.

Here are a few quick ways to use content as we get going in 2019.

Landing Pages
Your entire website is one giant piece of content, serving to engage and inform your audience through images, video, audio, and copy.

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