How to Align AR & PR Activities

Industry analysts offer the media a rich resource for research, knowledge and expertise and play a fundamental role in assessing the landscape and providing independent commentary when needed. Building relationships with key analysts has enormous potential and can strengthen media coverage for technology vendors as the more informed an analyst is about a company’s product or service.

Analysts spend significant time developing relationships with the media, often building a brand over years. These relationships cannot be underestimated and offer inordinate value to both the business and the analyst community.

The media and the analyst share similar goals of informing and providing input to the audience, playing a complementary role to the news. For most analysts, media coverage is an important and strategic tool that benefits their business.

For companies, media coverage helps with awareness of the research and can potentially increase the number of people that will want to contact said company to discuss how their services can help.

As you develop PR plans, ensure the analyst deliverables are a part of that plan to then promote and amplify with the media and internal sales for lead generation.