I Have Content, NOW WHAT?

‘Content Marketing’ was a big 2013’s buzzword and PR campaigns shifted their focus towards content generation to help boost profiles, brand awareness and even SEO.  A survey by the Content Marketing Institute showed us that almost 93% of marketers plan on using content marketing this year. In addition to written content, the industry is experiencing an infiltration of visual assets. 

The Companies able to make an impact and increase brand awareness in 2014 will be those that embrace new tactics outside of the standard infographic and video solution; making these products more interactive for specifically-tailored audiences.

Get Creative with visual and take risks.
People are more interested in seeing information rather than reading about it. Images and videos are the foundations of the internet’s new language, and they are likely to dominate the digital marketing scene in 2014.

Plan it Out!  Editorial Calendars are Still a Good Resource
Internally-focused editorial calendars are vital to creating a successful marketing program. By generating an internal calendar to better prepare for content creation, communications departments will be able to stay on schedule and free up time for PR trend pushes.

DO IT:  Time to Pay for those Social Ads
With the recent launch of a Google+ advertising offering, most of the mainstream social channels now provide paid programs – further validating the value associated with social advertising.

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