Just Sayin’ (RSA time, again)

Just Sayin’ as we Ramp Up to RSA

If you are like me, I wake each morning and review my flurry of emails and make multiple cups of the strongest coffee I can (albeit, I go the #DeathWishCoffee route), but security media are waking to literally hundreds, if not thousands of RSA emails.

Just sayin’ that there might be a few simple tips as we start each day with RSA media in mind:

  1. Make your email individual and personalized (or DM them through Twitter)

  2. Check what they wrote about in the past 24-48 hours (if nothing, perhaps review what they Tweet’ed or Posted)

  3. Make your point in the first 1-2 sentences (aim for above-the-fold)

  4. Have what you are offering available – (timing/calendars, final collateral, and even locations to meet)

  5. Get reservations at off-site locations early (which actually applies more to point #4 above)

RSA isn’t speed dating – build that relationship, and most important, keep it going well past RSA.