Live Streaming Options for PR

When live-streaming first entered our Internet, it was a tool for individuals’ personal use. Today, live-streaming is a very different tool. Think about introducing a new product via live-streaming to an audience that can even ask questions, versus pictures and text. There are a few well-known live-streaming tools that marketers can use, and choosing the right one for your needs will require that you understand the details of each option.

How Live-Streaming Fits into a Marketing Strategy

Q & A’s
If you use a tool with a built-in conversation feature, your audience can ask questions about your company, your brand, products and such. If you have other experts to bring in, they can also answer questions.

Release of New Products
Not only can you demonstrate new products, but you can also request and receive feedback from your viewers, giving their opinions and what they do and do not like, and what they might like in the future. This is free market research for you.

Viewers who cannot attend your events or events you are attending can be there. And viewers can ask you for clarifications, to zoom in on a booth or speaker with a slide.

Show Your Business Personality with Behind-the-Scenes Action
Establishing relationships with your audiences is a critical piece of marketing today. Nothing can do that better than introducing them to the people behind your brand – friendly people who look just like them, who work hard, who play, and who have a commitment to your organization.

Re-Purpose Your Live-Stream Video
After your broadcast is finished, you save it to any device you want. You can then upload that video to YouTube, to Facebook, and to your website. And you can then promote that video anywhere else.


5 of the Most Popular Live Streaming Apps

1.  Periscope (iOs and Android)

One of the best features of Periscope is that a broadcast is held for 24 hours, and this allows any audience members who have missed it to view it at another time with that 1-day parameter.

One of the issues with live-streaming has been that the stream may be promoted on Twitter or Facebook, and once someone links to it, it is already gone. This won’t happen ever with Periscope because, even after the 24 hours is over, the producer can save the stream to his/her device and then upload it to any other place.

In February, 2015, Twitter purchased Periscope. Posts promoting any live-stream Periscope video can be automatically accomplished. This exclusive connection with Twitter does give the Periscope app an advantage over the others. And viewers who download the Periscope app can have full access to any live-stream that has been published within the past 24 hours. This gives Periscope a bit of an edge over other Live-streaming.

2. Meerkat (iOS and Android)

The best element of Meerkat is that your audience can text chat with you throughout the broadcast. The text chats show up at the bottom of the stream, and those who are viewing are shown at the top.

While Meerkat does not have the 24-hour “save” that Periscope does, there is a way for videos to be saved. By using the Katch Kats app with Meerkat, the video will automatically be saved to YouTube. From there, it can be uploaded to other platforms, so that viewers who missed it can still see it.

3.  Hang w/ (iOS and Android)

You receive a web page for your videos and then can send your followers/users/visitors to your web page to see them all. Live streams can be promoted well in advance in being filmed, and your older videos are saved on your page.

4.  Stringwire (for iOS and Android)

The unique feature of this app is that you establish your own channel and then invite others to live-stream to it. They can then choose which broadcast to view. The other thing you can do is connect your Stringwire to YouTube. This app is owned by NBC, and it encourages users to live-stream breaking news they witness and upload it for possible use. This app is probably not suitable for marketers.

5.  Blab

The best feature of Blab is that the “Blab” (live-stream video producer) can invite as many viewers as possible but can also set up video conversations with as many as four “blabbers.” Neither Meerkat nor Periscope off this feature yet.

This is a really useful tool if a marketer is attempting to conduct some market research when a new product or service is introduced, giving customers an outlet to discuss its benefits and drawbacks. This certainly encourages conversation and thus relationship and trust-building.

Last, try doubling up – If you are producing a podcast or an interview, stream it on one of the apps.

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