Over the past few months, I’ve had conversations with companies that are faced with a dilemma:  Management doesn’t allow enough time for big product roll outs and by the time they find out about a launch, they have little time, so they jump around at a happenchance speed, making mistakes.  My biggest advice tip?  The wrong mustard on a sandwich can be corrected—however, never make mistakes when courting media.  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  To plan (with little, or a lot of time) allows you to better understand what your media want, vs. what you deem they need.  Just because you think they want it and need it, many times isn’t true.  My suggestions for successful launches and media outreach is as follows:

Identify your media targets (ensuring that you know them and understand what they cover—pay attention to the details), an agreed upon method of distribution (internal, PR firm, wire service, etc.).

Develop a succinct Plan that includes:

  1. Launch Date:
  2. Spokespersons:
  3. Goals:
  4. Strategies:
  5. Materials (all materials should be final before pitching ever begins): Press release(s), Analyst quotes, Customer use study, Customer quote, Executive head shots and bios, High res logos (300 dpi JPG or PNG), High res images to support release (300 dpi JPG or PNG), Infographic, Web site link where press release will go (non ‘live’ link), Blog, 3-4 Tweets, LinkedIn Topic, Video, Executive calendars and a Media PPT, Post Re-Cap Report (for lessons learned)
  6. Timeline:

Stick to it and pay attention.  Need help?  Ping me.

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